Wolf Creek Products Presents "Farmland Fox, Coyote and More"

Wolf Creek Products Presents "Farmland Fox, Coyote and More". 

Trapper and trap engineer Glenn Witchey hits the road in this two disk, 3 hour DVD trapping wild canines in four states. Filmed on actual traplines over the course of two years, Glenn shows you all the proper techniques, tools and traps for trapping these illusive predators.

• Traps and trap selection
• Locations in various types of terrain
• Baits, lures and scents
• Sets for both fox and coyote
• Freeze proofing
• Fur handling and much more…

Glenn Witchey is a trapper from the great state of Ohio and also the owner of Wolf Creek Products.

This video is dedicated to the loving memory of Susan Ellen Witchey.


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