Teachers of the Night - Coyote Dirt Hole DVD

Teachers of the Night - Coyote Dirt Hole DVD. What you are about to see is the real world of coyotes around dirt holes. For the first time in trapping history the trapper gets to learn from the coyote, not a man's theory. See why a trap in front of a hole is often not the place to catch a coyote. There are patterns that coyotes have around sets. These patterns can be used to become a better coyote taker. Like it or not trappers have had not had the knowledge to take most coyotes that work a set until now! 120 minutes.

Wolf Creek Products owns all of the rights and privileges for the Predator Control Group Teachers of the Night DVD series, which includes Beaver, Compilation, Coyote Flat Set, Coyote Dirt Hole, and Red Fox.