Teachers of the Night - Red Fox

Teachers of the Night - Red Fox. Look into the night to become a better fox trapper. You will see several red foxes working dirt holes, flat sets and bait sets. Once you see for yourself how a red fox works a set, you will have the edge in your trapping to catch more fox and catch them faster. This footage will make a classical fox trapper look a different ways to adjust to how a fox works a set. You will be amazed and entertained. Plus Clint Locklear explains how he now traps for fox from the footage on the dvd. 

Glenn Witchey is a trapper from the great state of Ohio and also the owner of Wolf Creek Products.

Wolf Creek Products owns all of the rights and privileges for the Predator Control Group Teachers of the Night DVD series, which includes Beaver, Compilation, Coyote Flat Set, Coyote Dirt Hole, and Red Fox.